2010-01-04 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Officers Meeting January 4, 2010

Present: Nader Beyzaei, Aleks Boulankov, Eason Hu, Mike Kenyan, Fergus Kung, Karen Lee, Kerry Li, Wendy Lin, Kevin Moore, Sonia Purewal, Alden Salgado, Jré Sarenac, Chung Voon, Ryan Wong

The Career Fair is next week. Google has confirmed attendance at the Career Fair. The total number of companies attending is around 25. We have 13 volunteers as well.

We expect $12000 in revenue and $7000 in profit from the Career Fair.

The other clubs (Cogs, Engineering) failed to recruit companies. Therefore it is going to be hard to justify sharing a portion of the proceeds to support those student clubs.

The advertising poster has been created. We need to print and put the posters up by Thursday at the latest. The VP Communications will return by Wednesday as well.

Encourage students to attend the department event “How to prepare for technical career fair” on January 6.

There is a secure ordering system for clothing already available. Our merchandise was ordered from the SRC last year. However, we will be looking into possible alternatives as well. It may be worthwhile adding laptop bags to our merchandise.

The VP Communications will hold a quick design contest for the logo in January. Order forms should thus be available in early February.

We may want to offer students the opportunity to order business cards. A website should perhaps be set up.

Lockers are now $10 per term due to student feedback and competition from the lockers in Forestry. Students who had already purchased a locker for the full year will be refunded $10 for fairness. The list of those students is available on the office computer.

We need to schedule the AGM. It needs to be well advertised to promote our club. We should couple it with a social event and also provide opportunities for student feedback in the form of a survey perhaps. Offer prizes for attendance and participation.

To promote inclusion of CS students, we need to consciously make an effort to greet students when they come into the office in a friendly but not creepy way. It may be worthwhile to start a game whereby CS students have the opportunity to meet new people and become familiar with the CSSS executives and officers such as a scavenger hunt with people as the “objects” to find or bingo boards.

The new furniture has arrived in the office. A big thank you to Fergus and Karen for help setting it up.

We need to create a poster advertising the food items we sell. Perhaps we can also get our advertising on the TVs in Reboot lounge.

We need to get to work on the weekly newsletter. The work on the yearbook also needs to begin.

The movie night is on Thursday. We will be playing UP and The Hangover. It is from 6pm to 10pm in Dempster

Due to a conflict in scheduling Research Night, the Industry Panel scheduled for January 21 has been cancelled.

The department is hosting an industry panel on January 28.

Laser Tag is on Sunday January 24 from 7–9pm at Planet Lazer (the one located closest to Braid Skytrain Station. It is $5 for 2 games and 2 slices of pizza at Boston Pizza.

PUB Night on Wednesday, February 3 from 7–8pm at the PIT.

Boat Cruise may be scheduled for March 27 or April 3. It will cost roughly $12000. Planning will begin shortly. We need to figure out our subsidy level.

Byte to Eat raised $830 and over 540 cans. We won the competition among the clubs!

Recruitment for tutors and tutees is ongoing.

There was an idea to host an open mike night. It was undecided whether this would be feasible. We are looking into it.