2009-11-16 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Officers Meeting November 16, 2009

Present: Vivianne Barzu, Nader Beycaei, Shirley Ho, Eason Hu, Fergus Kung, Kerry Li, Wendy Lin, Kevin Moore, Glenn Ong, Sonia Purewal, Alden Salgado, Jré Sarenac, Elizabeth Sun, Chung Shing Voon, Tiana Warner, Ryan Wong, Luke Yin, Joyu Zhu

Mike Kenyon and Jré Sarenac are the two students who have been nominated to run for the student seat on the committee to select the new department head. Voting will be on Friday, November 20 in the Cube Office.

Jré has selected the Ikea items for the office. Aleks needs to approve the expenditure.

There will be a Costco run this week.

Aleks has noted the office is always a mess. It was suggested we create signs to dispose of your own garbage and to enforce such policy in the office.

We bought some cans of food to begin the food drive, Byte to Eat. It will officially end on November 23 due to competition with the other faculties however we will continue to encourage students to donate. Please continue to make classroom announcements.

There will be a pizza sale on Friday, November 20 from 11AM–1PM in the Reboot lounge. All proceeds will go to the food bank.

Cranium board game night is on November 20. Donations will be collected for the food bank.

We need to budget for the Career Fair as we are incurring more costs than previous years for advertising and lunch for the companies and volunteers. However, we will receive a greater share of the profits based on the amount of work contributed. The amount we received last year was between $5000 and $6000.

Electrical Engineering and Cognitive Science will be encouraged to recruit companies specific to their field. The companies at the Career Fair need to be diverse to include prospects for students in these fields specifically.

We have between 6 and 10 companies out of 35 registered. We anticipate many last minute registrations as this is on par with last year.

Advertising preparations have begun. We will need to recruit 10–15 volunteers. The Career Fair is on January 13, 2010. This is earlier than years past due to the Olympics.

The Movie Night is happening on November 19.

The Welcome Back Bzzr Garden is not happening in second term due to an inability to secure a SOL for Reboot. However, we are considering a Meet the Prof Night in the second week back from Winter Break.

The laser tag venue needs to be changed for an event in term 2 due to quality of service. We are considering Planet Lazer in New Westminister. Their facilities will be checked.

Exam packages are still in the works. Dr. Eiselt has been sick so progress has been delayed.