2009-10-19 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Officers Meeting October 19, 2009

Beer Garden is on Friday, October 23 from 8PM–12AM. The SOL has been obtained, decorations have been planned and advertisements are up. Video games will be projected in the background as well.

We are buying $500 in beer and 12 bottles of cider. Any unused alcohol will be returned.

The Ladha Centre will need to be cleaned by 1AM.

LAN Party is on Thursday, October 22 from 5:30 to 11:00PM in DMP 110. A password for the projector must be obtained from technical services. Alternatively, there is a projector in the office that can be used.

In regards to the tutoring program, Grad TAs get paid $25 per hour. There has been some correspondence with Steve Wolfman regarding TAs creating exam package questions for CPSC 121 however this process is already underway in the broader umbrella of creating exam packages for an array of courses.

The drop zone for non-perishable items for Byte to Eat will be by the Reboot Café near the vending machine. A Christmas tree display will be set up. Monetary donations can me made in the CSSS office.

Engineering, Cognitive Science and Microbiology are also participating in the food drive.

There will be a Cranium and Board game night on November 20.

The fridge has been ordered for the office. We are searching Craigslist for reasonably priced furniture in good condition.

The VP Communications (Glenn Ong) is going on Co-op and will need to be replaced. Bert Ong has been suggested as a possible nominee for the position.

The process to establish exam packages has been initiated.

Artona will be on campus to take grad pictures. The Grad rep needs to start publicizing this.

A discussion regarding the image of CSSS occurred. It was established that we need to make a conscious effort on being more welcoming when individuals visit the office.

We need to further increase our presence and signage. An info booth in Dempster should be set up at some point to increase awareness.

The clothing order will be done in January to allow individual to buy items that promote CS during the term.

A logo contest will be run once again to get CS students involved in the process.