2009-09-24 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Officers Meeting Minutes September 24, 2009

Present: Terence Lin, Billy Liu, Quincy Liu, Kevin Moore, Sonia Purewal, Alden Salgado, Jré Sarenac, Elizabeth Sun, Ivy Tsai, Tiana Warner, Luke Yin, Hanna Yoo, Ghada Zaidalkelaim, Joyce Zhu

Nader is speaking to Michelle to get contacts for the Career Fair.

We need to start advertising for the tutoring program. We currently have more students in need of tutors than we have tutors.

We need to consider ways to generate student pride in CS. Ideas include using a viral video on YouTube, writing newsletters and editorials to disseminate information and get students involved.

Math and Physics want to join us for Byte to Eat. We could have a competition with other programs including Computer Engineering. We may also want to consider participating in Trick or Eat.

We have rented 30 lockers to date which is approximately $800 in revenue. Half of the revenue goes to the department.

Social events to come may include a LAN Party and a hiking or a trip to do the Grouse Grind.

There will be a Halloween Costume Party.

The CS bzzr garden is on October 23. We are already in the process of licensing. Kevin has Serving It Right. We may need others to get Serving it Right as well. Advertising needs to begin well in advance so Publications need to begin on generating advertising materials.

There will be a barbeque on Thursday during the lunch hour. Fergus has Food Safe so will be serving.

The supply run went over budget so we opted to not get Red Rave as this was the priciest item. We also added Fruit-to-go, Apple Crisps, popcorn and an assortment of granola bars to the items we now sell. We may consider adding additional products such as soup-to-go and tuna and crackers. We could not find bowls for oatmeal at Costco.

We are going to be upgrading the furniture in our office. We will be looking to get a fridge with a freezer so we can hold more items and increase the variety to include frozen items. We will also need an entertainment unit, tables and possibly couches to optimize space in our office.

We are getting a new boiler for $150 off of E-Bay.

Albert needs his bike lock back. Kevin will take care of that.

Sonia is working on organizing exam packages and will be contacting the department. Courses for consideration include CS 111, 121, 110, 317, 304, 211, 213, 221, 313 and 320.