2009-02-10 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Executive Meeting Minutes February 10, 2009

Present: Albert Chen, Amy Kwok, Sonia Purewal, Jré Sarenac, Jeremiah Tantongco

It was noted that Jeremiah did a good job with the Career Fair.

We need to respond to Richard Lim’s e-mails regarding payment.

The annual boat cruise: Salt Water Cruises is willing to remove the gratuity on the whole price ($960) as gratuity should only be calculated on the food. We will get the Queen of Diamond which holds 450 people. We expect to sell 150 tickets. They are charging $20 per bottle of wine. We can get buy it on our own for $10 so it is pricey. With the current contract, the cost would be $72.92/ticket. We would be selling the tickets at $30 each. The Math Club will buy tickets from us at the actual price.

We are holding a barbecue on Friday the 13th. Someone needs to go shopping. We have Food Safe covered. A propane tank sensor and scrubber has been bought.

Send e-mail to officers about classroom announcements.

Everything is ready to go for Laser Tag. Just need to decide on a day and time.

Bowling is happening on Friday!

Need to advertise the Eclipse event with Michelle.

Jeremiah is handing the SOLs for the Bzzr Garden.