2009-01-16 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Officers Meeting Minutes January 16, 2009

Present: Aleks Boulankov, Albert Chen, Yicent Chen, Leonard Elisha, Christopher Head, Amy Kwok, Billy Lin, Grace Lin, Wendy Lin, Sami Pardhan, Sonia Purewal, Jré Sarenac, Jeremiah Tantongco, Andrew Tjia

Miscellaneous Business

Yicent is our new VP Volunteering Services. He was formerly a member of the Outreach Committee.

Please distribute Job Postings magazines.

Doodle will be sent out for new meeting time.

We have received complaints about the atmosphere in the office in reference to when an individual came in when Harold and Kumar was playing. Please be respectful of those who come in and please don’t watch movies that can be deemed to be offensive. Watch them on your own if you must.

We need to support the department. Please e-mail your thoughts and testimonials about what you think the department is doing well to the Cube. Year reps should be actively getting testimonials.

Social-Sports Updates

The boat cruise will be 19+. We will be inviting Math and Cognitive Systems.

There will be a bzzr garden with the Math Club on March 27th.

There will be a bowling event on February 14th.

We will have a laser tag event at Planet Laser.

Deadline for Storm the Wall is March 25th.

Career Fair Updates

There will be over 25 companies at the Career Fair.

Promotion has begun. Posters will be up next week. A Facebook event has been created. E-mails will be sent to the announcements list. The Cube web page will be updated. The Career Fair has its own website.

The treasurer of cognitive systems is doing the volunteer coordination.

Inter-Club Business

There has been an update on the GDA (Game Developer’s Association). There executive are on co-op so Alvin will try to coordinate a meeting.

BizTech has approached us. They want to see if we can help them financially and co-chair. We decided that we can’t help them financially as it would not be in the best interests of CS students but we will definitely help them advertise.

Department Business

We still don’t know what to do with the glass plates. Put them in storage again. An option is to be creative and convert them to something else. Possibly glass tabletops.

Lockers Update: Department suggested we up the price to $60 for the term. Forestry offers lockers for $20 a year. They are near the Tim Hortons. There are lockers in the LS Klink building that were ours when we were there. No one has claimed them. We should look into that situation and possibly rent those out. Albert will look into pricing the lockers.

Miscellaneous Business

Science Week booth will need to be manned and set-up. As something creative, we may want to work with thunderbird robotics.

Supply run is happening tomorrow.

Yearbook pictures are due by January 31st.

There is space in the yearbook. Send Chris Head submissions for the yearbook including graduation write-ups.

The constitution has been approved and the committee dissolved.

Arts is holding workshops for Photoshop and DreamWeaver. Everyone is welcome!

Barbecues will be on February 5th, March 5th and April 8th at the very least.