2008-11-19 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Officers Meeting Minutes November 19, 2008

Present: Aleks Boulankov, Albert Chen, Yicent Chen, Peyling Chu, Ryan Daley, Leonard Elisha, Christopher Head, Emily Hindalong, Amy Kwok, Alvin Lau, Wendy Lin, Andre Malan, Alden Salgado, Jeremiah Tantongco, Jennifer-Anne Vlasiu

Karen Eddy won first place for the design logo competition (wins 3 shirts). Kitty Lai won second place (1 shirt). Karen’s logo will be used on the t-shirt. Kitty’s may or may not be used.

Advertising for the bzzr garden. Please sign up on the Google doc.

Jre will go to Costco to get supplies for the bzzr garden.

Byte to Eat will be extended to Friday, November 28. Keep making announcements and bring donations. We’ll have Chelsey send an e-mail reminding all students of the drive.

Jeremiah is doing paperwork for the career fair.

Big Park event was a good event. 140 students attended which the company thought was a good turnout.

The Game Developers’ Association (GDA) would like to become a part of the CSSS, at least provisionally, to better serve their members, who are largely computer science students. They currently have 30 registered members with an additional 30 on the mailing list. Furthermore, they are limited in the number and quality of events they can do as they have few resources in terms of manpower. They currently do biweekly workshops showcasing new technology. They are also looking into inviting industry speakers and doing tours of graduate labs to promote the field of computer science. It was agreed that this would be a mutually beneficial relationship and Jeremiah will be working with the club on the details of the relationship.

There has been no update from the locker committee. They have been unresponsive to all forms of communication. There is no way lockers will be done before the deadline so Albert and Amy will speak to Moyra to extend the deadline. Albert was appointed the new chair of the locker committee in hopes something can be done soon.