2008-11-05 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Officers Meeting Minutes November 5, 2008

Present: Albert Chen, Tristan Goffman, Christopher Head, Amy Kwok, Andre Malan, Alden Salgado, Jre Sarenac, Andrew Tjia

The Career Fair is going well. All the planning is done. The only thing left to do is to coordinate volunteers. We will send a call for volunteers closer to the date

Ladha SOL has been applied for

CSSS will collaborate with Nadia to raise funds for Breast Cancer (6 km walk) by hosting a Game Night. Sonia will book the room. Goal is $2500.

Inner water tube polo is not happening because there was no more space available to register. Try to register sooner in the future.

Halloween Costume Contest winners were decided. Raistlin Majere won the category of scariest costume. NAND gate won the contest for the contest for being most in tune with computer science. The robot won the category of most original costume. The pictures of the individuals in costume will be posted on the CSSS website and on Facebook.

The food collected for Byte to Eat will be stored in Michelle’s office and in an unoccupied office in the building. Tin cans will be turned into piggybanks to collect money for the food bank as well. Please take those cans to your classes.

The office will be decorated on November 6th.

Grad photo composites will be hung in X-wing. The most recent graduate photos will be on the lower floors.

Lockers need to be dealt with by December 31st or they will not be put up. Referred to locker committee.

Andre is going to look into entertainment for the beer garden.