2008-10-15 Meeting Minutes

CSSS General Meeting Minutes October 15, 2008

Officers Present: Amy Kwok, Jeremiah Tantongco, Tristan Goffman, Albert Chen, Jre Sarenac, Christopher Head, Sami Pardhan, Andrew Hung Yao Tjia, Piam Kiarostami, Sonia Purewal

Regrets: Elizabeth Patitsas, Ryan Daley, Billy Lin, Jennifer-Anne Vlasiu, Hajir Hajian, Eric Sum


  • The constitution was changed to create more structure for the society. VP positions of Volunteer, VP Communications and VP Socials along with executive associate positions. All these positions have representative under them along with a corresponding committee. Please refer to the updated constitution to view all pertinent changes.
  • The constitution was passed by a unanimous vote of 28 in favour with 1 abstention

Upcoming events discussed:

  • There will be a Costume Party on October 31st. The best costume will receive a prize. To enter the contest, drop by the Cube office and a picture of you in your costume will be taken and be judged at the end of the day.
  • Sports events coming up include a CS Soccer Match. The date will be announced at a later date. There will be a Big Park Game Night on November 6th at 5pm. There will be a tentative Bowling night on November 21st.
  • There may be an Adobe Illustrator workshop. The date and time will be announced as planning progresses.