2008-09-22 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes September 22, 2008, 5PM

  • Space committee: do we want another undergraduate representative other than CLL? Llachlan reports the committee has had a lot of trouble scheduling meetings.
  • Lockers: Albert will prepare a list of questions to ask as a survey at the general meeting; EVERYONE please add any questions.
  • E-mail policy: if you want a reply, list from whom. If you’re asked for a reply, please reply even if you have nothing to add.
  • Food at general meeting: we aren’t allowed to have food in DMP310 for the meeting. Amy will ask Michele whether this is enforced or if we can work around it; otherwise, have the food in Reboot Cafe after the meeting.
  • Presentation at general meeting: Tristan, Jeremiah, Alden, Albert, and Nadia volunteered to take parts of the presentation.
  • Classroom announcements: ask Michele how to get professors to announce events in class.
  • BBQ: Jeremiah bought a skillet and spatula for precooking burgers. Albert purchased the BBQ on September 19 but it may not arrive soon enough; Albert volunteered to get coal for the old GSA BBQs. CLL has Foodsafe; additional volunteers are needed.
  • BBQ: We got volunteers.
  • BBQ: Advertisements will be printed by September 23. Will send e-mail September 22 evening to announce.
  • BBQ: Eric volunteered to help prepare the poster on September 25.
  • BBQ: Tristan volunteered to find out the procedure for acquiring additional Foodsafe certifications and e-mail the list.
  • Purchase of Rock Band: We can’t buy it for general use due to noise, but we could use it for special events. It was decided not to buy Rock Band at this time; this may be reconsidered if we get 021.
  • Supplies: Albert, Eric, Nadia, and Chris will do a resupply run on September 25.
  • FoWCS: We’ll have FoWCS representatives on the CSSS executive. FoWCS wants to run some girls’-only events like movie nights.
  • Gift card for Simon (from Sailing Club, who donated his time at the Beach Day to take CSSS members out sailing when we couldn’t go kayaking): $50 VISA gift card; Albert will ask him to come to the general meeting where we can present it.
  • Calendar: we want a reusable write-on calendar for X139 for planning our events. Albert might have one; otherwise, we can buy one.
  • Adjourned at 6:13PM.