2008-09-17 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes September 17, 2008, 5PM

Members Present: Andrew Tjia, Chris Head, Presley Perswain, Amy Kwok, Albert, Nadia, Ciarán Llachlan, Jeremiah, Chung Voon, Tristan Goffman, Marcus Zhou, Jre Sarenac

  • Beach Day Review: Approximately 20 Computer Science Students attended. There were many executives present. However in the future, it would be beneficial to have as many executives as possible attend and plan the day well in advance. Note: It was on short notice due to weather constraints.
  • The constitution was updated to reflect new policy. Executive and non-executive members may be forced to resign by a 2/3rd vote if they do not fulfill their duties.
  • Locker Committee will be setting their first meeting to address the issue of lockers for computer science students
  • As a new initiative to involve computer science students and create an atmosphere of excitement to show case CSSS and departmental events, the website will be updated to include a photo gallery. There will be a photo of the week and the photographer will receive a prize.
  • Guitar Hero shall be purchased by Jeremiah. We would like to test it before we purchase it.
  • The first day of Clubs Day went well despite the dismal location in a side room. The booth was well presented and looked nice. We had several people (a page full) sign up to be included on our mailing list. We need to insure the waiver forms are in view at the booth and signed by those joining. Furthermore, we need more individuals from the club to sign up to man the booth.
  • There was no update on publications. However, we need head shots of the graduates by December in order for them to be included in the yearbook to be distributed in April.
  • In terms of sponsorship, Microsoft requested that they be informed of the events and their intent before they commit to any donations. We should go through Michele to obtain sponsorship. In this way, communication is clear and sponsorship is better organized for the department and the CSSS.
  • Ambassadors include Amy (Telus), Ryan Daley (RIM) and Albert Chen (Microsoft). We are not aware of a Google Ambassador.
  • The Space Committee meeting is sometime in October. At that point, Ciarán Llachlan will address the issue of book room 021 in ICICS
  • Ciarán Llachlan has planned our first beer garden for October 10th pending approval of an SOL and the department. Although this is the Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend it should not be of concern as many people will be on Campus and if they are leaving for the weekend, it probably won’t be until later in the evening. And Thanksgiving is not celebrated by everyone. Another beer garden has been planned for November 14th.
  • Albert will be purchasing a barbeque. It shall be a propane barbeque under $700 as approved by council. It will be a new barbeque of descent size that comes with a warranty to avoid any problems related to used barbeques. Furthermore, we will get better value as many retailers are having end of season sales. It will probably be stored in the same place as the grad barbeque.
  • We need to insure that our barbeques occur on time such that the first burger is ready to be served at the beginning of the established time. We need to keep lines short as well. To assist in this, Jeremiah will buy an electric frying pan to pre-cook the burgers
  • The first barbeque will be on September 26th.. We need to advertise this well. Eric will need to have the posters ready by Friday, September 19th. It would be beneficial to have large and colorful posters that can be reused by simply changing the date in the Learning Centre and in front of the CSSS office. To avoid having posters hung on doors and in bathrooms torn down, we should see if putting them in plexi-glass cases to be hung on doors can circumvent this problem. They look official so the janitor may not take it down… would be an interesting social experiment. The website will be updated to include the barbeque event.
  • Nadia, Ciarán Llachlan and Presley will purchase supplies for the barbeque ( condiments, napkins, buns, etc.) on Wednesday September 24th from Costco
  • We now have the new position of Associate to the Executive. The President shall decide the Executives in need of an associate to help fulfill their portfolio. Any candidates for the position shall be interviewed and appointed to the position as necessary.
  • The social coordinators will brainstorm ideas for events and present them at meeting
  • A Social and Sports committee was created. Nadia, Jre, Tristan and Ciarán Llachlan were appointed as members. The committee may be expanded as necessary.
  • An issue about the Women in Computer Science committee being male centric has been raised by a couple of students. To address this, we should consider that we reinstate a representative on the Focus on Women committee. Furthermore, we should consider collaborating with these committees and jointly hold social events.
  • We currently do not have a winter end of term event. It may be interesting to hold a Go-Karting event. This worked well for the Accounting Club although it was highly subsidized. Albert will explore this further.
  • We will have a meeting on Monday September 22nd to discuss the agenda for the general meeting. The location and time will be announced soon