2008-08-20 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes August 20, 2008, 6PM

In attendance: Giuliana Villegas, Michele Ng, David Lowe, Amy Kwok, Elizabeth Patitsas, Presley Perswain, Jeremiah Tantongco, Christopher Head

Mission Statement

  • David: should reflect our desire for encouraging volunteer opportunities (should we include the broader community, beyond the CS dept?)
  • Michele: CS dept encourages student participation in department decision making and committee involvement; discuss adding this?
  • David: dept would like us to encourage students to be involved in dept decision-making
  • Elizabeth: most students don’t know committee opportunities exist
  • Amy: the dayplanners now have a list of opportunities including committee opportunities, but we still need more ways to advertise
  • Michele: dept plans to include a section on volunteer ops in the ugrad orientation
  • Elizabeth: use the all-students list to e-mail volunteer ops to students (Giuliana can arrange that)
  • Conclusion: draft statement is good but could add a small item on outside-department activities and volunteer ops
  • W.r.t. Networking, Jeremiah has an idea for an online networking opportunity


  • David: the department may not demand paid membership; if we think attracting members may be difficult then we might be able to go with unpaid membership
  • Michele: might be able to have individual membership but the department make a financial contribution on a non-membership basis
  • Presley: AMS minimum is $1
  • Jeremiah: what do we offer members that we don’t offer nonmembers? Subsidized food sales? (would require membership checking and printed cards)
  • Presley: problem: the AMS requires waivers to be signed for each membership; this was ignored in earlier years but may no longer be possible especially due to the constitution rewrite
  • Elizabeth: do we need to be in the AMS? Some clubs aren’t (math club)
  • Presley: would be really difficult to separate from the AMS
  • Chris: there was a suggestion of including $1 of something for free with every membership
  • Jeremiah: membership fees aren’t about the money, they’re about the AMS legality; can we leave everything alone for this year and make a plan for attracting members next year?


  • David: a good potential source of revenue; valuable service to students; could create a social zone near the lockers; could also advertise the CSSS… question: how much are people willing to pay? Department is willing to discuss plenty of different options for financing; CSSS should prepare a proposal. First activity, circulate a survey asking students if they’re interested in lockers and how much they’d pay? $10 per month was discussed; it was thought students might not be interested at that price.
  • Presley: lockers go anywhere up to $60 per year on the rest of campus
  • Nadia: Kaiser charges just $10 for a full year! But not very useful for CS students as building is locked after 6pm.
  • Michele: need to decide by December else we’d have to reapply for approval from fire marshal
  • Jeremiah: can we do a pilot project with a smaller number of lockers and install the rest later?
  • David: we may be able to get the second half approved for installation later than December if we already have the first half
  • David: we might be able to mitigate the financial risk by arranging a loan payment based on locker income so CSSS doesn’t lose money due to low demand

Second Lounge

  • It’s getting crowded in the office; things have been stolen occasionally; we’ve had noise complaints from the learning centre
  • Llachlan has asked (or will ask, at its next meeting) the spacecomm
  • David: sounds like a good idea; one issue is noise w.r.t. adjacent labs (but that’s no worse than our current location)
  • Elizabeth: advantageous because it’s beside the undergrad labs
  • Presley: we’d like to lock 021 and then move TV/games/etc into 021 and keep 021 open
  • David: how much use does 021 get now?
  • Elizabeth: very little use currently: occasional sleeping, occasional microwave use
  • David: doesn’t see any major problems but it will probably be a big discussion in spacecomm
  • Nadia: re: noise: west wing has better walls than X and will attenuate noise better


  • Michele: do we have any planned portfolio of events yet?
  • Jeremiah: was contacted about setting up talks with industry professionals
  • Michele: we already have tech talks and such from many companies; risk: we’d prefer not to invite too many people who are just interested in recruiting
  • David: should we move some existing talks to be co-sponsored by CSSS? We could advertise etc.
  • Michele: do students want more talks? One time the dept had someone ask to present a talk who was interested in marketing a product; need to try to avoid things like that. Michele could contact companies when requested by students instead of other way around?
  • Jeremiah: had the idea of a less technical, less career-oriented, and more casual event
  • David: does CSSS want to co-sponsor the CS town hall (the majors/honours/etc lunches)? We could send some executives to the events and talk about ourselves, hear from students? It’s a chance for students to ask questions and make comments.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm.