2008-07-19 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Saturday, July 19, 2008, 11:19am, Reboot Café Attendance: Amy Kwok, Jeremiah Tantongco, Presley Perswain, Elizabeth Patitsas, Ciaran Llachlan Leavitt, Christopher Head

  1. Membership
    1. It is believed the department will likely not pay for students’ membership next year.
    2. It is possible that, if we present our proposed budget to Bill and also ensure that we have a plan to integrate all students in the department into society events (e.g. beer gardens, burger sales, etc) then the department may be willing to pay membership fees for one more year.
      1. Undergrads are currently very uninvolved in the department.
      2. The department doesn’t see our successful events; doesn’t know much about what’s going on.
      3. CSSS has not been particularly transparent in past years, from the department’s perspective.
    3. It was also reported that we may be receiving the same funding but not to be used as membership fees (we would need to recruit members directly).
      1. AMS has requirements if we book rooms from them regarding percentage of attendees who are members of the booking club.
    4. The AMS dictates a minimum membership fee of $1.
      1. We have around $8000 and often run a surplus (though will probably run a loss next year).
      2. The career fair is the main revenue source.
      3. The department previously paid $1 per person as membership fees.
      4. Llachlan suggests $2: anyone who isn’t willing to pay $2 probably isn’t willing to pay $1 either.
  2. Day Planners
    1. If we want them ready before September, we need to send all the CSSS events and the associated dates by August 4.
    2. Llachlan offered to contact the publishers.
    3. Presley and Amy have prepared a tentative list of events.
  3. Pins
    1. We want more pins!
    2. Need to find out where we got them. Check the KT document.
  4. Swag
    1. Google
    2. EA
    3. Radical
    4. Microsoft
    5. IBM
    6. Jeremiah will contact.
    7. Have we considered CSSS lanyards? Or lanyards from companies?
  5. Lockers
    1. Last year, the previous executive began discussing lockers.
    2. It was decided to look into the issue. Yvonne said in October or November that CSSS would pay $1000 and the department would pay the rest.
    3. In April, Yvonne reported that CSSS would pay the full $16000 cost. We would take a loan from the department which we would pay back by means of locker revenue.
    4. Yvonne and Victor had originally budgeted renting lockers for $80 per year, where most lockers cost $20, $30, or $40. The lockers would thus not likely be popular.
    5. Suggestions were made that negotiations were made between Yvonne, Victor and the department in private without sufficient input from the membership.
    6. The department has acquired the fire marshal’s permission to get the lockers installed.
    7. Our lockers would be half height but wider than regular lockers, installed in the corridor between X0 and 0.
    8. We currently have until December 31 before permission is revoked to make our decision.
    9. Historical note: lockers were originally planned to be installed in the atrium, which was then used for the open media environment. Surveys in past years have suggested students want lockers.
    10. TODO: answer pending questions: which company are we buying from? How did we select this company? Are there preferred vendor rules with respect to the university? Possible that as the department originally proposed paying part of the cost, they may be able to answer some of these questions.
    11. TODO: have a survey in class asking whether they want lockers and at what price?
    12. Evidence suggests the most expensive lockers on campus are at the SRC and cost $60 for two terms.
    13. Llachlan suggests: charge $30 but give $10? $20? back if the lockers is left in good condition.
  6. Chain of Command
    1. Our chain of responsibility extends from the CSSS to the associate head of undergraduate affairs. TODO: Find out who the current associate head of undergraduate affairs is.
  7. Mission Statement
    1. We appear to be “a bunch of events” rather than an actual society with a mission statement.
    2. It would be nice if we could encourage relationships between students and the department (e.g. volunteer opportunities, e.g. Girlsmarts, Tech Trek, Trimentoring).
    3. Students who are active around the department and involved are better off (e.g. better recommendation letters from professors).
    4. We need to have a mission statement that we can uphold and we can pass on to next year’s executive.
    5. Example: student services: can we produce practise exam questions?
    6. Some students feel the CSSS is cliquey, not inclusive.
    7. Lots of people don’t know they’re members of the CSSS.
    8. People used to come in to buy pop, but then we stopped having pop regularly.
      1. Llachlan has access to a Costco card for Imager which we could use.
      2. Presley has a car to pick up supplies with.
    9. Consistency! We need people to do their jobs consistently to serve the student body.
    10. TODO: Draft a mission statement! Use Google documents? Amy will create a Google document and advertise it to the rest of the executive.
  8. Lounge Relocation
    1. Idea: ask space committee if we can use the empty room at the end of the 0 hallway (021?).
    2. Pro: larger, could have more events there, could be more open.
    3. Cons: not locked yet (we’d have to get a lock installed), and out of the way (near labs, but far from Reboot and Dempster).
    4. Suggestion: use 021 as the lounge (with TV, Xbox, etc) and have the X lounge as an office.
    5. Uses of the office:
      1. Sell stuff (more traffic)
      2. Store cash/documents/etc
      3. Store career fair, beer garden, etc supplies
      4. Do tutoring in there
      5. We could let people in there to do work if they want a quiet work area
      6. TODO: Llach requests to space committee to take over 021
      7. Item for later: additional furniture
  9. Career Fair
    1. Jeremiah is investigating and planning.
    2. Plan: to hold the career fair at the same time as last year.
      1. Good time for people looking for coop work.
      2. Not covering midterms, etc.
      3. TODO: Jeremiah tells the approximate date to hold the career fair. Specify by July 30 to Llachlan.
    3. Location: keep it in the SUB.
  10. Knowledge Transfer Document
    1. Eugene wrote a knowledge transfer document. It’s available in electronic form.
    2. Suggestion: put it on thecube.ca available to executives.
  11. Grad Composite Photos
    1. We have photos, but they need to be hung in hallways.
    2. Moyra wants undergrad input on where to hang them. CSSS should participate in this decision.
    3. Suggestion: X2 and X3 hallways.
    4. Next space committee meeting is August 13.
    5. TODO: e-mail Llachlan suggestions.
  12. TODO: e-mail the list about all the TODO items to discuss by e-mail
  13. Server purchase
    1. Llachlan can dig up some hardware from Imager for our server.
    2. TODO: Llachlan will e-mail me some specs and Chris can discuss with Andrew.
  14. Additional office equipment
    1. Purchase an LCD monitor for the terminal (big space saving!)
      1. Carried.
    2. An additional small switch or hub for the terminal and server, so we can use the existing one for LAN parties. TODO: Llachlan might have something in Imager.
    3. Coat rack(s)! To discuss later once we figure out about 021.
    4. TV stand, table, to discuss later once we figure out about 021.
    5. Printer: Llachlan has one; do we want it? We could put it in the office: use it for our own stuff and also rent it to members (charge for paper?). Passed.
  15. Budget
    1. Our budget has been submitted to the AMS.
    2. TODO: Amy will e-mail the budget to the mailing list.
  16. Constitution
    1. TODO: Presley will draft a revised constitution.
    2. Must be approved by a vote of general membership (leave this until September/October).
  17. Promotions
    1. Clubs day: TODO: find out whether the second clubs day is 2nd or 3rd week of September
    2. Barbecues: have them every 2 weeks: passsed. Llachlan can get Foodsafe. Need volunteers to set up. Suggestion: precook the patties (buy an electric frying pan?) so they heat quickly.
      1. Proposal: buy a new barbecue. Passed. TODO: discuss by e-mail what type and from where.
  18. Next meeting: August 23, 10AM, same location (Reboot).
  19. Adjourned 12:45PM.