2008-03-06 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Thursday, March 6, 2008, 12:30pm, DMP310

  1. Post-Discussion of ice-skating and career fair
    • Ice-skating: 15 people
    • Next ice-skating: March 17
    • Career fair: Profit $4000
  2. Elections

    • Format: same as last year

    • It was decided that we are NOT doing WebCT voting.

    • Nomination ends on Mar 20; Vote due Mar 23

    • (Send the Nomination form to CSSS office to Eugene)

  3. Grad photos

    • New deadline: End of April
    • Task: email all Graduating students about the new deadline
  4. Exec photo + dinner

    • Date: Apr 6
    • Task: Yvonne will talk to Hashem about taking the photo
  5. Locker budget Task: Yvonne will meet the department March 18th

  6. Class Act

    • Locker installation is part of class act
    • LCD monitors in labs
    • Task:
      • Yvonne will meet David and talk about the money
      • Find the deadline of making the decision
  7. Info sessions (grad school & NSERC)

    • Info sessions for introducing grad school application procedure (in March)
    • Task: Find who will present
  8. ACM send-off party volunteers needed

    • Location: ICICS Atrium
    • Volunteers must be there at 1:30pm for setting up
    • Volunteers needed for cleaning up at 5:30pm
  9. Grad boat cruise:

    • Aim for 100 people
    • The price is same as last year: $25 per person
    • Task:
      • Give a $1000 dollar deposit to confirm Friday April 4th
      • Start advertising
      • Print out the tickets
    • Yearbook Task:
      • Find the deadline for deciding whether to get one or not
      • Set up survey on the web site on how many graduation students want the yearbook and their expect expense (Andrew is responsible for this)
    • New Curriculum Committee rep needed
      • Current: Victor
      • Eugene took care of this
      • CLL is now our curruciulum rep
      • Eugene please check if she needs a replacement for the Space Committee
    • Beer garden

      • Food and drink:
        • Pizza/hotdog + chips
        • Buy ice to cool down the beers
      • Task:
        • Send out the email for volunteers
        • Eugene gives the permission form to the Dean’s office
    • Collaboration with commerce faculty – Peter Kim, Jeremiah, allow advertising? Jeremiah was not present, so this topic will be discussed next time.

    • CS Clothing Sale of 2008 Task: Victor needs to take care of the orders.

    • Open floor Microsoft’s new software: Dreamspark can be downloaded from CS web site.