2008-01-21 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Monday, January 21, 2007, 4pm, DMP310 Attendance: Jason Hui, Andrew Tjia, Victor Chan, Richard Quan, Richard Lim, Marcel Bosio, Chang Shing Voon, Jonathan Harms, Peter Huynh, Carayson Clague, Elizabeth Patitsas, Kevin Moore, Yaying Guo, Yvonne Chen

  1. Post-discussion of Beer Garden: Problems:

    • B.B.Q
    • Not enough people for cleaning up
    • Not enough beer
    • Set up too late
    • Bottle beer is better is can

    Money made: broke even

  2. GuitarHero Tournament: (in Science week)

    • Time: Jan 29
    • Location: Ladha
    • Ads are ready
  3. Club booth to run in Science week

    • Time: 10–4
    • Setup: gaming + projector (ask SUS for equipments)
  4. Career Fair (Thu, Jan 31)

    • Need people to move booths from CSSS office to SUB
    • Raffle box
  5. Ice-skating activity:

    • Time: 4–5:15pm, Feb 15
    • Location: Thunderbird
    • Cost: $2.50 with student card ($5 with renting skates)
  6. Movie afternoon + pizza sale:

    • No movie
    • Sell pizza instead of B.B.Q.
  7. CS clothing:

    • Make an order deadline before the end of Feb
    • No more pin orders
  8. Noise reduction: CSSS office need to keep voice down.

  9. Smoking outside CSSS office: Need to put a “No Smoking” sign outside

  10. Post-Discussion of CS111 Review Session + CPSC 121 tutorial session plan

    • CS111 Review session in 2007: 50 students (half from CS.)
    • CS121 + CS111 this term