2007-11-19 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Monday, November 19, 2007, 5pm, DMP101 Attendance: Yaying Guo, Xuemin Liu, Christopher Head, Presley Perswain, Marcel Bosio, Steven Shongrunden, Sara Dadizadeh, Richard Quan, Arash Malek, Yvonne Chen, Victor Chan

  1. Post-discussion: Halo 3 Tournament: Not very successful; Possible reasons:

    • Didn’t post Ads early enough
    • No email sent out

    Prize money will goes to Guitar Hero Tournament

  2. Beer Garden or Licensed BBQ:

    • Cleaning deposit: $100 (get back later)
    • Fencing post problem
    • Supplies: gas grills; Beer (Canadian, Corona, Richards White): we’ll sell $2.5/can
    • Advertisement: Need people post the Ads this week and next week

    Time changes to 4–6pm

    • Need talk to Space committee

    Note: SAS is having a beer party the same day at 9pm in SUB

  3. Lockers: $1000: installation We are getting the lockers.

  4. Clubs Showcase at the Pit (SAC is organizing a Clubs Showcase happening at the Pit on Thursday Nov. 29th from 1-2:30. This is a chance where you get to perform what best represents your club and increase your fanbase!)

    We are not doing it since we don’t have time to prepare for it.

  5. Club’s Release of Liability insurance waivers Yvonne checked it. We don’t need to submit it since we are not a club, and it’s impossible to get every CSSS member’s signature

  6. Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference (Toronto) Yvonne has sent email expressing interest from our club. Any response?

  7. Guitar Hero Tournament: (Next term, the science week) We will discuss about this next term. We need to decide the time and the location, and think about the registration and the way to play songs.

  8. Review Session for CS111: Ticket: $5 or less TA: graduate TA

    If this review session goes well, we can have other review session for CS121 too.