2007-10-29 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Monday, October 29, 2007

  1. Post-discussion BBQ
    • No more BBQs on rainy days because of past problems; 2 day in advance notice to cancel
    • Propane grills next time
    • Raffle Tickets next time for tickets.
  2. Halo 3 Tournament on Nov 16
    • Ilan’s in charge of organizing the event. Interested in helping out? Ask him
    • This will be a free for all event, with free entry. Prizes will be for top 3 of a budget of $100. Pizza and Pop will be sold individually.
    • Max 4 X-Boxes per game (technical limitation). Will need 16 xbox Controllers
      • During event all participants will be required to give ID so we don’t lose a controller like last time
    • Eugene: Needs to book DMP 110, and get 1 projector. Ilan needs to find all xboxes / controllers for the event.
  3. Beer Garden on Nov 30
    • Jeremiah’s in charge of organizing the event
    • Location / Time: 4pm–8pm Reboot Café (Eugene/Jeremiah to book room)
    • What will be sold: BBQ, chips, pop, $2.50/beer, $3.00/cider
    • Need license 17 business days before event (DO IT this week)
    • Eugene needs to send permission form to Moyra
    • Estimated attendance: 30–40 (but check venue capacity)
    • Jenny has Serving It Right. Piam will find some other people.
  4. Grad Photos
    • 4th years should get photos by Dec 31 by Evangelos (guests welcome)
  5. Printer
    • The printer will be dropped off. Eugene and Victor will finalize printer issue.
  6. Google Free Breakfast
    • Friday—Google pays for breakfast, check out cube website for more info
  7. Locker rentals
    • Will cost a lot of money to install lockers. $50 per locker per year to cover costs
  8. Career fair
    • Arash will have more companies in a week We have a game company (RizTown?) and AeroInfo.