2007-10-15 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Monday, October 15, 2007, 5PM, DMP101

  1. Next year’s membership structure/fees:

    For non-CS students becoming member of CSSS: $5 membership fee

    Benefit for becoming CS members:

    • Get discount on food/drink
    • Free locker in CS building—Need talk to Space committee
    • Get exam package
    • Get discount on BBQ and LAN party, for example, the second burger is free
  2. BBQ this week? Thur or Fri.

    • Need to decide a Number system: 2 different colors needed to distinguish the buyer and the seller
    • Advertising: big poster; send email in advance
    • Sell chocolate bars: eg. Kitkat Victor will buy the chocolate on Wed night.
    • Sell cookies
  3. Party planning Slashdot 10th anniversary party***(very urgent)

    • Eugene and Andrew will be in charge
    • Target: geeks
    • Location: Reboot café
    • Time: Fri, Oct 26, 5pm
    • Sell: snack, drink
    • Late night BBQ
    • Advertisement: poster; emails sent out in advance
  4. Nov. beer garden***

    • The liquor license: Jeremiah
    • Training: Selena

    Date: Nov 30 (the last day of school), 6pm–??? Location: Reboot Café  17 days in advance Notice Reboot  3 weeks Notice AMS BBQ (“licensed” BBQ) Dept involved Security ($150) Volunteer for setting up and cleaning up

  5. Career fair update Arash has got everything done

    Location: SUB Ballroom Date: Jan 31, 2008

  6. CS clothing Need new design: design competition may be put in concern

  7. Advertising our club’s events in the SUB? Submit our events to AMS and have our events on their calendar?

    Location: SUB/Engineering/LADHA (Not forestry)

  8. Post-discussion: LAN party, Halo 3 party, Tri-mentoring kickoff event LAN party: 12 people; hard to set up; need more people to participate Halo3 party: 40-50 people showed up, 24 people played

    • Hardware was provided; no one need bring their own
    • Advertisement targeted 3 groups: CS students; UBC video game competitor associate; UBC video game development associate


    1. CSSS has too many events going on, but we don’t have good plan, organizing, and advertising.
    2. We should focus on Slashdot party and Beer garden: Plan thing ahead (3 weeks); Lots of advertisement needed in advance: emails, poster, etc.
    • Grad photos