2007-09-12 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Wednesday, September 12, 2007

  1. BBQ Debrief
    • Feedback
      1. Current patties have increased quality over previous brand
      2. Paper plates should come standard
    • Pricing
      1. Hotdog price permanently adjusted to $1.00 each down from $1.50
      2. Water price permanently adjusted to $0.50 each down from $1.00
      3. Bottled juice removed from supply list Remaining stock to be sold at $0.50 each
      4. Price for hot chocolate set at $0.75 each¹
      5. Price for cookies set at $0.75 each¹
      6. Motion to add bite size candy to menu with a price set at $0.25 each
  2. Beach Day
    • Location: Jericho or Spanish banks
    • Event is weather permitting
    • Registration is required
    • Time: 2 p.m.–???
    • Arranged Transport: Meet at Reboot Café and have the CSSS arrange for cars to drive people to Beach
    • Activities:
      • Food: Bring your own
      • Alcohol: Bring your own
      • Ice Breakers:
        • Volleyball
        • Soccer (5 on 5 prized match (~50 dollar prize))
        • Music
        • Baseball glove
        • Botchee(SP?) set
        • Frisbee
    • Cube alias re. Beach day: [email protected]: Forwards to Social Coordinators and Treasurer
    • Discarded ideas:
      • Motto: “Bring the meat and we’ll bring the heat.”
      • Have a BBQ at the beach
      • Use Rec(SP?) Beach
  3. Event Ideas
    1. Pub night Location: Koerner’s Pub or Pit Pub
    2. Club clubbing
    3. All-you-can-eat challenge Description: Sign up to eat all-you-can-eat for 5 days in a row. Whoever is able to make all 5 sittings (while eating a substantial amount) will be reimbursed by the CSSS
    4. Halo Tournament MS and/or Halo sponsorship Possible collaboration with GDA and one Steven Chin² Suggested to be a MS Halo 3 launch party
    5. CS Squared Counter Strike tournament hosted by Computer Science
    6. Date Auction Treasurer to somehow get girls from Commerce
    7. Cube Week
    8. Meet your Prof.
  4. Volunteer hours
    • More Volunteers needed
    • Harder promotion of 30 volunteer hours for honorary certificate
  5. SFU CS conference
    • Motion to make it a UBC SFU joint conference
    • Elicit SFU participation by offering space at UBC
  6. Open bi-weekly CSSS meetings
    • Set at 5 p.m. on Mondays
    • Free food provided
    • Starts September 24th
  7. Sports
    • Divisional teams should be known
    • Motion to have details of club sponsored teams to be emailed to execs to post progress on club website
  8. Propaganda group
    • Group is in charge of promoting events such as Beach Day
    • Director of publications is head of group
    • Suggested duties of the group:
      1. Class overhead advertisement
      2. Forum promotions
      3. Posters with special regard to the following events: BBQ, Beach Day, General and Sports Ads
  9. Find real secretary
  10. Dept. pens and pins
    • Pens: Advance notice must be given to the Department of Computer Science for them to supply the CSSS with pens
    • Pins: Eugene has confirmed that the company that does the CSSS’s hoodies is also capable of doing pins. Unknown whether an order has been placed yet.

Notes: ¹I have seen people buying cookies for $0.50 and people have been buying hot chocolate (presumably for $0.50). Treasurer should resolve issue.

²Steven Chin Contact Info: Proposal copy:


I’m a UBC student (not in CompSci) and I’m interested in holding Halo 2 (and 3) tournaments at your building. It’s non-profit and prizes will be handed out. We’re looking to accommodate up to 64 players, but this is not necessarily the case. Let me know if you’re interested.