2007-08-16 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes August 16, 2007 The Cube Office, 1:30pm–2:30pm, 1st meeting

Attendees: Yvonne Chen, Eugene Chan, Victor Chan, Amy Kwok, Ilan Keshet, Jeremiah Tantongco, Presley Perswain, Piam Kiarostami, Ciarán Leavitt

(1) CSSS Membership

1.1 Membership Fees

  • Talked about having a paid membership: the department was concerned that although all CS students are part of the CSSS, not everyone knows about the club. It would be hard, however, if CSSS made it necessary for CS students to pay to be a CSSS member. There would also be the problem of distinguishing CSSS members from non CSSS members.
  • Agreed that membership should operate as it did before (all CS students are automatically part of CSSS). CSSS should concentrate on promoting itself and raising awareness to its members.

1.2 Raise CSSS Awareness to Members

  • Victor suggested that volunteers should receive a volunteer certificate. Once a volunteer completes 30 hours of volunteer service to CSSS, they will receive said certificate.
  • CSSS could set up a booth during clubs week—it could hand out pins, department pens, etc…
  • CSSS should ensure a big banner is set up during their events (ex: “hosted by CSSS”).

TO DO: Jeremiah to find out where to get pins/pens.

(2) Events

2.1 Social Events

  • *BBQ - biweekly (weather permitting). We discussed about moving the location of the CSSS BBQs due to complaints from higher floors about the smell.
    • Piam and Victor suggested broadening the menu a bit (ex: adding hot dogs).
    • 1st BBQ → burgers are free for 1st years
  • *Sports: long boat, Storm the Wall, Intramural, Scavenger hunts.
  • *Grad Boat Cruise: Since the name suggested the event only welcomed grads, it’ll change to Boat Cruise.
  • Movie Nights
  • *Bzzr Gardens (×2, 1 per term)
  • *LAN Parties
  • Victor pointed out that there is potential to expand social events to beach parties and possibly clubbing. It was suggested that we hold our first beach party event (perhaps with volleyball and a BBQ) near the end of September (3rd–4th week) to welcome all the first years and introduce them to CSSS. Yvonne suggested that a Saturday would work better.
    • free SWAGS during the beach party?

* Items that are starred should be on the day planner. TO DO : Ilan and Jeremiah to come up with dates for starred events for the day planner.

2.2 Others

  • Career Fair (Arash Malek)
  • Industry Panels (Eugene/Yvonne)
  • Tri-mentoring
  • Grad School info sessions—will take place on the 1st Thursday of September (CSGSA)
    • It was suggested that there should be more grad school info sessions where we can get professors to speak. It was questioned whether there will be other Universities (ex: from America) as well.
  • NTCU (Northwestern Technology Conference for Undergraduate), hosted by SFU (similar to CUTC, Ontario Conference). It was suggested that we could co-host this conference with SFU. Yvonne stated she will make contact with them.
  • GDA UBC (Game Developer’s Association of UBC), a UBC AMS club formed last year. It was suggested that CSSS work with the GDA executives.

TO DO: Yvonne to find out more information about UBC co-hosting NTCU

(3) Imagine UBC Booth

  • CSSS will set up a booth on Sept 4, Imagine UBC day. Booth Volunteers: Yvonne, Eugene, Amy.
  • Pamphlets about CSSS available at booth.

TO DO: Find more volunteers for Imagine UBC Booth; allocate time slots for volunteers; find things to embellish booth.

(4) Exec/Rep Positions

4.1 Recruit Reps

  • Tri-mentoring rep. → Piam expressed interest in this position.
  • Director of publications rep.
  • Year reps → send an email to student body.
  • Committee reps (Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, Eugene…)
  • SUS rep → Victor mentioned his friend may be interested in this position.

TO DO: Email student body to see who’s interested in the above rep positions.

4.2 New Positions

  • Ciarán Llachlan Leavitt will now be the CSSS Space rep. and will attend the space committee meetings.
  • Presley Perswain will be Director of Resources and Human Resources (ex: keep track of the number of hours CSSS volunteers do).

(5) Future CSSS Meetings

  • CSSS meetings will be biweekly.
  • It was suggested to make them open meetings. We would need to advertise, have light refreshments, and request for a bigger space.
  • If it were absolutely necessary we could ALSO hold private meetings.
  • Put agenda for meetings in public notices/posters (since e-mail may be too annoying for the students).
  • Discussed about promoting thecube.ca → redesigning the website, making the website more active by posting more information about events/social activities.
  • Stated that having posters posted up in the CS buildings usually get taken down within a day. Talked about changing the policy (would have to take it up with the Science faculty).

TO DO: (1) To all participants and execs, send Yvonne your schedule/availability so she can set up the schedule for the biweekly CSSS meetings (2) To all participants and execs, send Eugene your schedule/availability so he can slot you in for CSSS office hours