2007-03-20 Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday Mar 20, 2007 Time: 2:45 – 3:31 Attendance: Andrew Rothbart, Robert, Justine, Andrew Tjia

1. Boat Cruise a. $ 2000 overall b. $ 25 for price c. Make sure these people are from comp sci d. Sell tickets face to face and show how to do it e. Deadline: need to find out when the cruise company needs to know f. Jenny did a process for selling ticket g. Have a booth to introduce boat cruise and combine that with the barbeque

2. Clothing a. The sales is low b. Need more advertisement c. Put up posters d. Arash is going to look into getting exec names printed on the hoodies

3. Class Act a. Make sure the display case is ok b. Figure out how much and what we are buying

4. IT Night a. Happening this Thursday! b. 5:30 – 9 at the Asian Centre c. Semi-formal d. If interested, e-mail Arash by Tuesday midnight so that he can have the nametag printed