2007-02-06 Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday Feb 6, 2007 Time: 3:30 – 4:30 Attendance: Andrew Rothbart, Jamie, Caitlin, Arash, Eugene, Justine

1. Clothing

  • Attempting to get the online order form and hope it will be done soon
  • Will do a vote through e-mail
  • Same price as last year and will subsidize if needed

2. IT Night

  • Co-organize with commerce
  • $ 600 for food, advertising, reserving dinner, etc.
  • Room: in David Lam building, free for commerce
  • Free invitation to companies

3. Google tool bar for Firefox

  • Make $2 every time someone install it through our website
  • Can try it

4. Industry Panel

  • Good response

5. Class Room

  • May not be able to use DMP since under utilize the classroom
  • May need to go to other buildings close to DMP and spread out

6. BBQ

  • BBQ this Thursday from 12-2
  • Come help out before and after!!!