2007-01-30 Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday Jan 30, 2007 Time: 3:30 – 4:30 Attendance: Andrew Rothbart, Jamie, Liza, Arash, Eugene, Justine, Andrew Tjia

1. CSSS T-shirt $ 40 on sweat shirt $ Below 10 to 15 t-shirt Turn around time is about a week Deadline is around 3rd week of Feb Would contact Rob and Andrew to set up online ordering but not restricted to order online

2. Budget There were only 2 applicants to CUTC so have $ 1600 extra X360? Current budget is Subsidy for Grad cruise and clothing

3. Career Fair Made around $2500 – $3000 20 companies came Excellent results from company and participants The count of people seem to be low Separate the food for company and free food Hopefully will include Google next year

4. Science Week Can distribute day planners Welcome if any one in interested in manning the booth

5. Industry panel Put up poster for industry

6. Events Cruise: some time in late March Pizza Friday – sign up for pizza. Kinda like barbeque. Cube Week week after reading week Friday: beer garden/Lan party Thursday: movie night Monday to Wednesday: open to suggestion Ideas: Coding contest Coding race: get 3 profs to help out. Race to see the first finisher of a coding task Jamie will send out more ideas through e-mail

7. Other BBQ next Thursday: please volunteer! Can get magazine subscription and put the magazines in the cube’s office ($ 150)

8. Grad Year Book Could have a position toward making the year book Currently, there isn’t a lot of interests from grads in purchasing