2006-11-16 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Thursday November 16, 2006; 1:00pm @ CSSS Office


  • The department is going to support $2000 for CUTC and will help us figure out who is going to be subsidized
  • CSSS can match the department’s fund
  • Undergraduate committee will process the application
  • Good to support $400 for a maximum of 10 people (cover about half the cost)
  • Although seems like a good idea, it benefits few people. Decided to keep going with the decision because it is a good cause for spending the money we have


  • Going to put down the offer today
  • $ 429.99
  • Albert is putting down the offer for now


  • Andrew will look into the cost of XBOX 360 and look into asking Microsoft to sponsor us
  • Nintando wii can be a possible alternative

4.Wine and Cheese

  • Instead of wine and cheese, an alternative would be end of year celebration
  • Possible idea: People can talk about courses etc. and have popularity contest of courses and professors
  • Good idea to Getting faculty involved
  • Don’t have time for this term but can do it for next term

5.LAN Party

  • Next LAN party is on Dec 1, 2006
  • See if Business Object or Accenture is interested in sponsoring

6.Movie Night

  • Looking to partner with FOCWS in doing a movie night in January
  • FOCWS can allocate some funds
  • Will need to pay licensing fee for putting on a movie night

7.Career Fair

  • 9 CS companies are coming
  • Nokia also coming


  • Anonymous employee awareness survey
  • To learn about what employee goals are most important
  • Give people $20 gift certificate for Amazon after completing the survey
  • Will stop with advertisement on the website
  • Deadline is Nov 29, 2006

9.New Labs

  • Good to have LCD monitors and see if we can get web servers

10.Class Act

  • Should start the planning in February
  • Can start discussing ideas earlier


  • Proposal to a more tightly controlled first floor area
  • The project room is book-able
  • Thinking about making a fob access building
  • Things students want: more project rooms
  • Would like to have a storage room for CSSS

12.Advertise CSSS Website

  • Traffic hasn’t increased since last year
  • E-mail advertising
  • Can put up poster
  • Can use banner to advertise website (put up at various events)
  • Can tell professors about easy access to newsgroup through the cube website and ask the profs to tell the students at the beginning of the new term
  • Send out in newsletter clear step by step instruction on accessing newsgroup through the cube website
  • Table tents can be used for advertising