2006-11-02 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Tuesday November 2, 2006; 1:00pm @ CSSS Office

1. Fundraiser with Evanglos

  • Each Grad copmosite is 32 dollars
  • execs can direct students to buy it online through theCube.ca
  • Andrew will send out an e-mail with details on how to navigate the site

2. Clothing

  • In progress…still waiting for replies
  • Perhaps can use the online ordering system for purchases as well

3. Career Fair

  • Department is doing the initial calling for career fair
  • So far, know that Safe Software and Business Object are coming

4. Industry Panel

  • Industry Panel is an event where reps from different companies come in and students ask career questions related questions
  • A very popular event last year
  • Derrek is going to organzie this event this year
  • Billy and James will help out

5. Curriculum Committee Update (Derrek):

  • 3 year plan: redesign curriculum
  • department moving toward talking to industry
  • sub-committee on gaming, talking to EA, Radical
  • stepping stone to talking with entire industry
  • acquire data for industry needs, open communication channel
  • proposed course for gaming, or gaming stream

6. TLS:

  • labs 14, 11, 05, 08 downstairs
  • any specific requirements we require?
  • maybe docking stations in half of lab for laptops? laptop oriented lab?
  • school subsidized laptops for students
  • student survey
  • posters explaining issue
  • not good to require laptop to be a CS student
  • operating system preference
  • Unix, Linux
  • monitors, move to LCD
  • prevent unauthorized people from using our equipment
  • disable password and move to fobs for all CS majors and people taking CS course