2006-10-04 Meeting Minutes

**3rd Meeting Minute – Oct 4, 2006

CSSS Meeting Minutes

Thursday Oct 4, 2006; 1:00pm @ CSSS Office**

1.0 Corporate Sponsorship Ideas

  • Boat Cruise
  • ACM Chapter
  • Film Night -> license, room
  • Free Food for Events (ie. Lan parties, industry panels)
  • League sports & team t-shirts
  • CS T-shirt
  • Logo on CSSS office window
  • TV
  • XBox

2.0 CS T-shirts

  • Jamie has connection with a T-shirt company on Campus
  • Need to find out: o Different options available to us o How to collect orders o Contacting companies
  • Billy will help Eugene on that

3.0 Advertising

  • Take out the poster each morning and take it down every night

4.0 Events

  • BBQ every other week on Thursday if it doesn’t rain
  • Can have class room announcement if this is a regular event
  • Cancellation will be 2 days ahead
  • Trivia contests and give out office 2003 o Generate traffic
  • Give out the office 2003 at the BBQ using raffle or tickets

5.0 Hot water/Coffee Machine Update (Jamie)

  • If only water, once a month for cleaning
  • Coffee, then once a day, can clean up in grad lounge
  • Price for water heater/coffee machine: $62.97, makes 12 ~ 42 cups
  • If we are able to find a way to fill it up, then we can purchase one

6.0 CUTC Rep

  • CUTC contact: Arezoo
  • Figuring out who will receive the money

7.0 Northwest conference for technology

  • Going to invite western universities
  • Something to look into in the future

8.0 Career Fair

  • Tentative Date: Jan 25, 2007
  • Giving discounts for returned companies (~ $50 off)
  • Need to reset the content on the website for planning the new career fair