2006-09-12 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Tuesday September 12, 2006; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office

1.0 Future Meeting Time:

  • Thursday 1:00 ~ 2:00

2.0 To Do for All Execs:

  • Send free times that you would be available to host office hours
  • Think about exec write ups
  • Make sure that you get a fob to get into the CSSS office. Can ask Andrew about this.

3.0 Note:

  • For all events, please bring cameras and take lots of pictures, so that we will have them at year end.

4.0 To new execs:

  • Anyone who is the last one leaving the office, please remember to turn off all electronic equipments, lights, and change to call forwarding.

5.0 For next meeting:

  • Will discuss about tutoring program in next week’s meeting.