2006-03-23 Meeting Minutes

Roll call: Mark Su, Charles, James, Mark Lee, Nakisa, Peter, Jamie, Presley, Arash, Andrew R., Derrick, Eugene, Tristan, Chris, Rachel

1.0 IT Night - good success - next time do bigger

2.0 LAN Party - did not go that wall - conflicted with St. Patrick’s Day

3.0 BBQ - went very well - depleted pop supplies

4.0 Day in a Firm - 14 people showed up

5.0 Grad Gift - we’re getting our 6x matching - classroom announcements!

6.0 Boat Cruise - our account has been unfrozen - subsidize to eat up surplus - preference to graduating students

7.0 Ladies’ Night - ideas for an icebreaker game

8.0 Yearbook - include Cog Sci?

9.0 Writeups - write and compile together

10.0 Turnover dinner - April 6th @ 5:00pm - mandatory attendance

11.0 Exec photo finals - and the winner is… B, after eliminating C in a tight runoff election. Florida demands a recount. Ohio alleges voting irregularities.