2006-01-26 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 26, 2006; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Charles, Mark S., Derrick, Jenny, Peter, Rachel, Eugene, Jamie, James, Andrew R., Mark L., Nakisa, Chris, Jake, Tristan

Classroom Announcements 1. Meet the Teachers - Wednesday Feb. 1, 5:00-6:20pm @ DMP 310, hear about new CS course and degree options, free pizza 2. BBQ and Beer Garden - Friday Feb. 3, 4:00-8:00pm in undergrad lounge and outside

1.0 Career Fair Post Mortem

  • some crazy guy showed up in the morning trying to sell stuff to the companies, was escorted out by SUB security
  • companies enjoyed it, want to return next year
  • 18 companies total
  • 80% of students were CS, but companies enjoyed the mix
  • info sessions not the greatest, not enough attendance

2.0 Krispy Kreme Post Mortem

  • sold 11 of 100 boxes in the SUB by 2pm on Tuesday
  • sold pretty well at $5 each in Dempster
  • sold the rest on Wednesday at $5 each in undergrad lounge
  • not to supposed to sell individual unwrapped donuts in the SUB

3.0 Meet the Teachers

  • Wednesday Feb. 1, 5:00-6:20pm in DMP 310
  • inviting all students this time
  • posters up tomorrow
  • Dawn, Paul, George, Ed, Kurt, Steve all asked to do classroom announcements
  • free pizza
  • talk about new CS degree options, new CS courses

4.0 BBQ and Beer Garden

  • Friday Feb. 3, 4:00-8:00pm in undergrad lounge
  • Arash putting up posters
  • use our stereo for sound, Jenny will supply the music
  • 2 kegs going at once, much faster this time
  • buy big bags of chips
  • 1 box of veggie burgers
  • 200 burgers and 4 kegs
  • move the kegs to Reboot side this time
  • fence off most of the undergrad lounge

5.0 Group Photo and Dinner

  • Sunday Feb. 26, trying to book this date for now

6.0 Yearbook

  • loonie one liners, on a separate page
  • take more pictures of students during events

7.0 Class Act

  • think of something useful to spend it on

8.0 CUTC funding

  • next year’s execs will have t come up with an application form for students who want to receive a subsidy for attending next year