2006-01-19 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Thursday, January 19, 2006; 4:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Arash, Chris, Derrick, Mark S., Peter, Andrew R., Tristan, Eugene, Rachel, Mark L., Charles

Classroom Announcements

  1. Career Fair - Thursday Jan. 26, 10am-4pm @ SUB Ballroom, Microsoft, Radical, Nokia, free Blue Chip cookies during info sessions
  2. Krispy Kreme sale - at the CS booth in the SUB on Tuesday

1.0 Career Fair

  • Thursday Jan. 26, 10am-4pm @ SUB Ballroom
  • Microsoft, Radical, Nokia, some others
  • info sessions -> free Blue Chip cookies
  • four volunteers at all time

2.0 CS/MIS IT Night

  • Thursday March 16, in the evening @ David Lam Forum
  • idea is to market this on the premise of “management” rather than “techie”
  • won’t be charging companies to attend
  • total attendance of 100, 30 for company delegates, 70 for students -> 35 each for CS and MIS
  • no charging CS students, looking at a $500 budget
  • if anyone would like to make a logo, go ahead

3.0 Games and Movie Night

  • pizza before movie
  • movie is Primer, will start around 5:30, Charles will pick it up

4.0 Science Week

  • empty booth on Thursday, instead concentrate on career fair
  • no office hours throughout the week
  • weekly meeting will be held after career fair
  • need more sign ups for booth duty
  • put out projector with powerpoint slides
  • Charles will bring his laptop
  • bring the CS banner

5.0 Krispy Kreme Sale

  • Tuesday during Science Week
  • Charles will pick them up at 9am
  • ordered 100 dozen, will sell at booth or move some to CS lounge if necessary

6.0 Beer Garden

  • Friday Feb. 3, 4-8pm @ CS lounge
  • have license already, supposed to have a bbq ready for that day

7.0 Meet the Teachers

  • Wednesday Feb. 1, 5:00-6:20pm @ DMP 310
  • free pizza!

8.0 Group Exec Photo

  • Evangelos Photography - West Broadway
  • this and all grad photos must be done by March at the latest
  • scheduled for Feb. 5, Sunday afternoon
  • please wear something nice (formal)