2005-11-30 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Wednesday, November 30, 2005; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Rachel, Andrew T., Derrick, Chris, Tristan, Jamie, Andrew R., Mark L., Frank, Peter, Charles

1.0 Joint MIS IT Night

  • Thursday or Friday evening in March, 5-9pm
  • probably a Thursday in the first or second week of March
  • consists of: presentations, dinner, networking game, open networking
  • presentations -> CS/MIS professor talks about an issue, company delegates discuss how they address this
  • networking game -> break the ice
  • open networking -> also resume collecting? maybe at the discretion of company delegates
  • last year was partially sponsored by Accenture/Business Objects, and partially subsidised by the Commerce Undergraduate Society
  • will be held at the David Lam Forum unless we find a better place
  • last year 50-60 participants, 10-20 of which were company delegates and alumni
  • this year’s theme -> data management
  • costs mostly coming from the food
  • business-formal attire
  • if the idea of networking seems to intimidating the most CSers, refrain from advertising it as such

2.0 Wine and Cheese Post Mortem

  • low turn out, ~30
  • went pretty well, good food, good wine, good music
  • 12-13 bottles of wine consumed
  • random draw needs to be done (Chris)

3.0 Career Fair

  • 10 companies said they’d come
  • 4 have paid
  • Engineering Physics and IEEE combined have only one company
  • all companies on list contacted
  • greater push for company recruitment next term
  • SUB Ballroom has 35 booth capacity

4.0 Ideas for Next Term

  • post on forum

5.0 Space Committee

  • we may be able to get lab 005 if no one else takes it
  • might be secure enough to house the projector

6.0 Class Act Glass Thing

  • we’re supposed to deal with it
  • we’ve been told don’t repair it, don’t throw it out, but store it