2005-11-23 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Wednesday, November 23, 2005; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: James, Jenny, Charles, Rachel, Andrew N., Chris, Arash, Peter, Mark L., Nakisa, Andrew T., Andrew R., Tristan, Jake, Jason, Derrick

Classroom Announcements

  1. Wine and Cheese - Friday Nov. 25, 7-11pm @ CS Undergrad Lounge, tickets $5 and include food and non-alcoholic beverages, tickets not available at the door, semi-formal, featuring CS band “Lango Lock”, graduating students attending are entered into draw to win one of three $70 gift certificates at Evangelos Photography
  2. Clothing Orders - pick up from CSSS Office, bring receipt
  3. theCube.ca - new web address

1.0 LAN Party Post Mortem

  • projector worked well
  • ordered 12 pizzas
  • foosball tournament went well, gave away the XBox game
  • various other games: Risk, Ragdoll Kung Fu
  • gave away the last umbrella during poker

2.0 Clothing Orders

  • they owe us two T-shirts
  • we have a few extra sweatshirts
  • some possible missing and erroneous orders
  • be sure to verify orders before you distribute them to students

3.0 Wine and Cheese

  • ticket sales going slow
  • go door to door selling tickets to faculty
  • take tickets and sell in classrooms
  • space for up to 60 attendees
  • grad students have 25 tickets, sold around 15
  • decorating -> balloons, turn off lights, use candles
  • doors lock at 6pm
  • Jenny is in charge of decorations
  • figure out what we have, then go shopping (Jenny)
  • Chris needs help picking up 50 bottles of wine (Tristan)
  • anyone can serve because it’s a private function

4.0 Career Fair

  • 4 companies registered, 4 more seem definite

5.0 Day in a Firm

  • visit a company, listen to presentation, tour facilities
  • food usually provided
  • 30-40 students attend
  • plan to target EA, IBM, Microsoft, Sierra Systems, Bell, Rogers AT&T, HSBC, Business Objects, Accenture
  • best bet so far are Business Objects and Accenture
  • both were not very interested when approached by MIS because MIS is so small
  • hopefully by partnering with us, this will sweeten the deal and companies will take interest
  • Microsoft probably won’t because they’re in Seattle
  • IT Night: host a discussion, informal networking, and thank yous to companies at UBC
  • contact MIS and find out more information (Mark L.)

6.0 How to Get a Job Workshop

  • IBM guy was impressed by CS students’ knowledge, but not their self-marketing skills
  • discussing the possibility of having a panel discussion sometime in January
  • 2 IBM panelists, 3 others
  • focus on breadth -> prepare for IT career beyong just coding
  • have people who actually hire students talk about what they’re looking for
  • bring in HR people, have them look at resumes and talk about what they look for
  • info sessions and career fairs -> usually talk about entry level positions
  • instead, we wish to focus on the big picture, how to move to the next level
  • email Andrew R. with suggestions
  • what’s the path to becoming a manager in the IT field?
  • what are companies looking for in resumes?

7.0 Getting Information from Committees to Students

  • some committees have useful information -> space committee, teaching and learning
  • we have an undergrad rep on each committee
  • send out emails to reps asking for updates
  • create committee updates section on website

8.0 Movie Licensing

  • tie in food sales to offset the cost
  • money goes to individual distributer of film

9.0 CUTC Funding

  • Paul writing a letter of support
  • sell movie tickets to raise funds? no
  • fundraising -> donut sales? might want to do something