2005-11-16 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Wednesday November 16, 2005; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Derrick, Nakisa, Chris, James, Jenny, Jake, Andrew T., Mark S., Mark L., Rachel, Andrew R., Jamie, Charles, Peter

Classroom Announcements:

  1. Games Night - Friday Nov. 18, 6pm-12am @ CS Undergrad Lounge, LAN party, foosball tournament - sign up on sheet outside CSSS office, Risk, poker, XBox + projector, reasonably priced pizza
  2. Microsoft Event - Wednesday Nov. 23, 6pm @ DMP 310, UBC CS alumni will be speaking, collecting resumes, free pizza
  3. Wine and Cheese - Friday Nov. 25, 7-11pm @ CS Undergrad Lounge, tickets $5 and include food and non-alcoholic beverages, tickets not available at the door, semi-formal, featuring CS band “Lango Lock”
  4. theCube.ca - new web address

1.0 SUS Meeting

  • budget meeting last Wednesday
  • CSSS had no booth last year during Science Week
  • must have booth and event this year

2.0 Science Week

  • set up demos from graphics classes -> Ski Jump
  • event will be the career fair

3.0 Career Fair

  • Jan. 26 in SUB Ballroom
  • happens during Science Week, will be advertised accordingly
  • 8 companies so far would like to attend
  • 2 have paid, 2 requested invoices
  • Accenture also wants commerce students
  • CSGSA wants to join and help out, maybe they can approach professors and through them find further industry contacts
  • staple receipts to info form and put in green binder

4.0 Games Night

  • this Friday, 6pm-12am in CS Undergrad Lounge
  • posters are up, thanks to Jamie
  • bring in projector early to test
  • talk to department and see if we can store our projector with them
  • no sponsors for pizza, maybe sell for $1 per slice and cover the rest

5.0 Microsoft Event

  • next Wednesday at 6:00-7:15pm in DMP 310
  • should receive advertising posters from Microsoft soon

6.0 Wine and Cheese

  • next Friday, 7:00-11:00pm in CS Undergrad Lounge
  • tickets selling from the office starting Friday, $5 each
  • band -> “Lango Lock”
  • semi-formal, try to curb the prevalence of jeans
  • collect name/year/graduating? yes/no when selling tickets

7.0 Evangelos Gift Certificates

  • worth $70, we were given 10
  • give 3 away at Wine and Cheese, 2 at a beer garden
  • last 5 through a random draw

8.0 CS Clothing

  • resolution for the image was too low, Jerome fixed it

9.0 Water Cooler

  • can’t seem to find any sold by local retailers
  • ask Education Society about where they got theirs (James)

10.0 Movie License

  • ask Film Society (James)

11.0 CUTC Funding

  • Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference, Jan. 12-14
  • no funding from the department
  • make a wish list of all the things for which we would like financial support
  • list will aid department in forming their budget in January
  • Travel Cuts quotes the price at $430 plus tax, no group rates
  • AMS provides $750 total, need to submit application 21 days before conference
  • Dec. 19 is early registration for CUTC
  • we might try matching the AMS subsidy
  • see if SUS can help at with funding at next meeting
  • see if admission is waived with many people going

12.0 Day in a Firm with MIS

  • visit a company for a day, listen to people at company speak
  • get free lunch
  • MIS seems to want to have us set this up
  • although this is not our annual event
  • maybe some companies through the career fair will be interested