2005-11-09 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Wednesday November 9, 2005; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Susannah, Nakisa, Mark L., Tristan, Andrew R., Jason, Charles, Andrew T., Arash, Chris, Rachel, Jenny

Classroom Announcements:

  • nothing for now, but fill out those Rep profiles and email them to our webmasters!
  • we’ll probably figure out a campaign to advertise theCube.ca, as well as the LAN party and the wine and cheese once they’re finalized

1.0 In My Experience Post Mortem

  • only 3 people came
  • informative, but poor turn out means we won’t be doing it again

2.0 Clothing Sale

  • losing money -> did not reach sweatshirt quota
  • stick with embroidered, give our members quality goods

3.0 Career Fair

  • 10 companies expressed interest so far
  • Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering both making progress
  • stubborn companies can be contacted by faculty if necessary

4.0 CUTC

  • mid January conference held at U of Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal
  • lasts 4 days, stay in a hotel
  • rather expensive
  • fun events, participate in workshops, meet other students
  • AMS has grants
  • we may possibly subsidize

5.0 Wine and Cheese

  • Friday Nov. 25, 7-11pm @ X-wing lounge
  • formal event
  • co-hosted by grad students
  • supplying fruit, cheese, crackers, chocolate
  • currently applying for licensing (Chris)
  • check AMS/UBC catering, Safeway for food prices (Chris)
  • see if we can rent wine glasses (Chris)

6.0 Band for Wine and Cheese

  • local CS band
  • “Dave Matthews” style, mellow

7.0 LAN Party

  • ask James

8.0 Foosball Tournament

  • coordinate with James (Jenny)

9.0 theCube.ca

  • website works, email doesn’t
  • 191 members on website, but no new traffic
  • need to advertise new address -> banner?

10.0 November Newsletter

  • wait for a while to sort out dates and info

11.0 Movie Licenses

  • fixed rates for whole year, lets you play to your heart’s content
  • no definite cost

12.0 Projector

  • we’ve got it
  • suggest storing it with department’s projectors, although department may use it without our permission
  • will stay at Rachel’s for now

13.0 Photocopier

  • class act?

14.0 Office Printer

  • think about it more later
  • may be too expensive and not accessible enough for students to use