2005-11-02 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Wednesday November 2, 2005; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Chris, Jake, Jamie, Jenny, Andrew R., Andrew T., Charles, Eugene, Derrick, Tristan, Nakisa, Mark L., Jason, Rachel, Peter, Andrew N., Mark S., James

Classroom Announcements:

  • nothing for now, but fill out those Rep profiles and email them to our webmasters!

1.0 Krispy Kreme Sale

  • sold out by 2pm, with people still wanting more
  • maybe bump up the order to 1000 next term (or 900, 75 dozen)
  • mostly sold through 3 for $2 and by the dozen

2.0 Peer Tutoring Meeting

  • not too many people showed up
  • some emailed and said they arranged to meet their tutors/tutees on their own time

3.0 In My Experience

  • Thursday Nov. 3; 12:30-1:30pm @ CEME 1215
  • giving away software - Visual Studio
  • 3 speakers talking about their very different experiences

4.0 Clothing Sale

  • deadline can be extended to Nov. 14 and still get clothing by original date
  • see what happens on Friday and accept late orders on Monday
  • online order form malfunctioning (Andrew T.)

5.0 Career Fair

  • ready to contact companies
  • check online to see if company has already been contacted
  • enter your name so others know that company has been taken care of
  • PDF will be sent out tonight or tomorrow with all the necessary information (Andrew R.)
  • 30 CS companies, all must be contacted by next week

6.0 Projector

  • has been ordered
  • will arrive within 2 weeks
  • not the Dell model

7.0 Wine and Cheese

  • Friday Nov. 25
  • Paul is trying to book the grad lounge
  • need 2 weeks to get license -> from department, classroom services

8.0 CS Print Coupons

  • buy print coupon, register online, use to print off lab printers
  • will be arriving shortly
  • easier than buying print credits from CopyRight
  • if you have problems with printing, email tech support, they respond quickly
  • there won’t be any new printers

9.0 LAN Party/Foosball Tournament

  • Friday Nov. 18
  • take more photos at the event
  • foosball tournament -> prizes? XBox NBA Live 2006
  • sign up form for foosball tournament will be on the door
  • if no sponsorship, charge ~$2 for pizza and subsidise the rest
  • set up XBox on the new projector

10.0 Hockey/Poker Nights (James)

  • probably hold on a Saturday night
  • Electrical Engineering room has cable but small TV
  • bring projector
  • they have a nice foosball table
  • room located in MacLeod

11.0 TV Antenna

  • pick up some rabbit ears so we can catch local channels
  • probably no more than $20-30

12.0 Water Cooler

  • many have hot water heating as well
  • put in the old basement CICSR lounge

13.0 Rep Profiles

  • Year Reps can send their info to the webmasters so they can be added to the website

14.0 Website Showcase

  • located on the forum
  • post links to show off your work

15.0 Exec Group Photo

  • arrange to be taken sometime in January

16.0 SUS Presentation

  • Wednesday Nov. 9 @ SUS Lounge (Mark S. and Peter)
  • submit budget and member list

17.0 November Newsletter

  • LAN Party
  • foosball tournament
  • Wine and Cheese? check back on Friday
  • reminder for grad photos
  • speaker series
  • Microsoft Event
  • website showcase