2005-10-19 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Wednesday October 19, 2005; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Chris, Jamie, Arash, Andrew T., Andrew N., Jason, Jenny, Mark L., Mark S., Andrew R., James, Jake, Rachel, Peter, Charles

1.0 BBQ Post Mortem

  • quite successful, good turn out
  • need better way to dispense beer -> newer CO2 system, another pump
  • took back unused keg for refund
  • some left over pop and chips in office for sale
  • increase prices of burgers from $1 to $1.50
  • UBC has a rule limiting serving of beer to 10 or 11pm
  • can apply for ~12 hour liquor license next time

2.0 Key to Cabinet

  • key still missing
  • will break off lock (Peter)

3.0 Director of Publications Position Division

  • Arash is new Co-Director of Publications
  • one can handle social events, the other industry and department events
  • Jamie has templates to use on bulletin boards
  • see if we can get more boards for DMP/X-Wing
  • to spread news of event, email respective Director of Publications and let them handle posters, webpage and forum advertisement

4.0 CSSS Office Manager

  • Eugene has been given this official title
  • he has an @csss email address
  • he writes reports
  • he fixed the voice mail -> either phone rings and no voice mail, or voice mail but no phone ringing
  • takes care of tracking snack inventory

5.0 SUS Funding

  • need to give them list of all members
  • give presentation of our budget around Nov. 10
  • presentation done by Mark S. or Peter
  • receive money for membership refunds
  • also receive money by having a project or proposal and fighting over the SUS surplus with other science clubs next term
  • we have 900 members, second highest club has 400, so SUS clubs see it as unfair and may want to cut the membership refund
  • new science lounge costs each of us $9, and it’s too far for CS students to use
  • CogSys wants a rep to attend CogSys and CS meetings, CogSys meetings ~Thursday @ 12:30pm

6.0 Clothing

  • barcode logo on T-shirts, button design on sweatshirts
  • two sheets to fill out -> order form (give customers order number on bottom of form), tracking sheet
  • cash only -> $10 for T-shirts, $30 for sweatshirts
  • samples will be coming shortly

7.0 Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

  • need 2 weeks notice, can do it once per month
  • maybe not something we would do for charity because it doesn’t help CS students
  • need to order a minimum of 50 dozen (600 donuts)
  • we can use this to raise funds for CSSS, not just charity
  • Charles would be willing to pick them up for us
  • sell on Wednesdays..?

8.0 In My Experience

  • speakers confirmed
  • Thursday Nov. 3, 12:30-1:30pm
  • classroom announcements a few days before
  • find out room bookings from Nakisa
  • give away some of our software during the event

9.0 Career Fair

  • meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at 1pm, other side of campus
  • pdf -> to be put on website, include floor plan with location of companies
  • form on website to prevent overlap contacting of companies
  • Eng Phys having problems with co-op office and contacting companies

10.0 Grad Photos

  • need to book free photo for group shot of execs
  • gift certificates for photo orders to be given away -> draw?

11.0 Projector

  • 10 days of sales from Dell, waiting to see if the projector comes up
  • prices from department not as good as Dell
  • need to find out cost of getting a movie license (James)

12.0 Links on Website

  • allow members to list their websites
  • add URL to user profile, then have Drupal amalgamate into a list

13.0 New Mini Refrigerator

  • free!
  • will be arriving shortly (Peter)

14.0 Web Domain

  • thecube.ubc.ca not going to happen
  • find out how much to acquire thecube.ca (James)

15.0 Foosball Tournament

  • SFU players very eager
  • try UBC only competition first
  • put a sign up form on office door

16.0 EA Games

  • Grace sending 5 games in the mail