2005-10-12 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Wednesday October 12, 2005; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Chris, Tristan, Peter, Jamie, Mark S., Rachel, Nakisa, Jenny, Andrew R., Arash, Andrew N., Mark L., Charles, Lisa

1.0 LAN Party Post Mortem

  • good turn out with good pizza
  • many people also came for the poker and board games
  • gave out Business Objects umbrellas

2.0 BBQ and Beer Garden

  • Friday October 14; 4:00-8:00pm
  • $1.50 per 12oz beer, $1 per burger, $0.50 per pop
  • need to pick up lighter fluid
  • A Sheep at the Wheel band starts at 5pm
  • beer serving begins at 4pm
  • PS2 games being given away => The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (from Radical Entertainment), Def Jam: Fight for New York (from EA)
  • tickets given away along with food/drink purchases to draw for games
  • servingitright.com => CSSS can pay for execs to get licensed
  • set up a laptop or something in the lounge for people to vote for clothing logos

3.0 Clothing Design Contest

  • extend deadline to end of beer garden
  • need more people to vote
  • have yet to find out which colours are available
  • Thursday October 27 is the deadline for orders
  • $10 for t-shirts (come in youth and adult sizes), $30 for sweatshirts (adult sizes only)
  • will soon be receiving clothing samples in common colours

4.0 Career Fair

  • making steady progress
  • meeting Thursday (tomorrow) at 1pm in CSSS Office to discuss details
  • companies get free food

5.0 Projectors

  • need to find out what sort of discount we can get through the bookstore

6.0 In My Experience

  • Thursday November 3; 12:30-1:30pm
  • 3 people signed up so far
  • 10-15 minutes of talking per person, with questions afterward

7.0 New Event Ideas

  • arcade not going to happen (too expensive)
  • some sort of formal event in November

8.0 Donut Sale Fundraiser

  • fundraising for Red Cross, for earthquake in Pakistan?
  • can get a discount from Krispy Kreme if used for charity fundraising
  • Wednesday October 19; 11:00am-1:00pm
  • someone needs to pick up donuts (Chris)
  • also need to contact Krispy Kreme (Rachel)

9.0 Wine and Cheese

  • either sell tickets ahead of time or ensure only CSSS members may attend
  • this allows the event to be classified as a private function
  • could serve as the formal event in November

10.0 Sports

  • have a form for people to sign up as free agents
  • first term sports league sign ups are done, prepare early for second term
  • possible foosball tournament with SFU?