2005-10-05 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Wednesday October 5, 2005; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Jerry, Chris, Derrick, Nakisa, Rachel, Peter, Charles, Jason, Andrew R., Jenny, Tristan, James, Arash, Mark S., Mark L., Jake

1.0 LAN Party

  • Friday October 7, 6-12pm @ X-Wing Lounge
  • the hub works
  • posters are good, but need to put up more
  • year reps do classroom announcements, mention chance to win prizes
  • ~24 wall ports
  • ask people on forum to bring router from home
  • bring out two foosball tables
  • WD-40 foosball table (Jenny)
  • cost of pizza reimbursed by Accenture
  • free 64MB USB keys to give away from Business Objects
  • attending: Andrew R., Peter, Nakisa, James, Derrick
  • bring Poker set (Derrick)
  • bring Risk and other board games? (Jamie)

2.0 BBQ/Bzzr Garden

  • Friday October 14, 4-8pm @ X-Wing Lounge and surrounding area outside
  • licensed to use lounge to serve beverages
  • BBQ outside
  • might need to bump back serving beverages because Chris might have a midterm
  • Dan Anderson offered to help (one of last year’s social coordinators)
  • make exec/rep sign up sheet to cover different shifts

3.0 Clothing

  • waiting for reply regarding exact details about how long it will take to make and deliver, and exact prices
  • if orders take too long to produce, design contest will close ASAP

4.0 Newsletter

  • events, vote for clothing logos
  • finish by Thursday

5.0 Office Food

  • Charles and Jason will keep room stocked

6.0 SUS

  • bzzr garden this Friday
  • SUS has a big calendar upon which clubs can add events
  • use calendar to advertise BBQ, all social events, career fair (Mark S.)

7.0 Office Clean Up

  • next Wednesday Oct. 12 after meeting
  • go out for pizza after or something
  • foosball table moved to basement lounge with other foosball table
  • collect student ID as collateral when lending balls

8.0 Projector

  • no old porjectors
  • can get a deal through the bookstore
  • research prices and models (Peter)

9.0 CS Tutoring

  • try to match up tutors and tutees
  • free pizza social night once a month

10.0 Career Fair

  • need PDF ASAP (Jamie)
  • ACL is ready to sign up, 4-5 other companies have expressed interest
  • Microsoft interested
  • Engineering Physics is already busy acquiring companies (their co-op office offered to contact companies for them)
  • need to coordinator with Engineering Physics so as not to overlap
  • money divided evenly 3 ways