2005-09-29 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Thursday September 29, 2005; 4:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Nakisa, Arash, James, Rachel, Jamie, Derrick, Andrew T., Mark L., Charles, Peter, Andrew N., Jason

1.0 Career Fair

  • scheduled for Thursday January 26, 2006
  • parternship with Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering
  • held in SUB Ballroom, Party Room, Foyer
  • create and distribute PDF with all the pertinent information (Jamie)
  • attach PDF on website along with an article
  • call companies, then send a follow up email
  • 40 companies to be contacted, job divided 2 per volunteer
  • still need to sort out division of money with partners before collecting (Andrew R.)

2.0 Accenture Information Session

  • second info session on October 5 may not occur because of booking problems

3.0 Website

  • add year reps to exec profiles page
  • James, Jamie, Mark S. still need to add their information
  • apply for ubc.ca subdomains, thecube.ubc.ca
  • increase advertising -> 10 great things about the website? forum contest?

4.0 LAN Party

  • scheduled for Friday October 7, 2005
  • computer games will be Unreal Tournament 2004, CounterStrike: Source, WarCraft III
  • bring board games, need to look after them (Jamie)
  • no projector
  • ask Paul about buying a projector (James)
  • bring poker chips and cards (Derrick)
  • banner from Evangelo’s to be put in the lounge, small posters in Dempster (Jamie)

5.0 Who’s Who Winners

  • post on website (Nakisa)
  • put on white board in window (Nakisa)
  • note on the wall outside the office (Nakisa)

6.0 Peer Tutoring

  • web form set up, needs tracking features (Derrick)
  • need to write disclaimer (Derrick)

7.0 Newsletter

  • dates and titles only, keep it short
  • write one for beginning of the month
  • advertise grad photos, bzzr garden, LAN party, tutoring, Who’s Who winners, In My Experience, clothing designs (Mark L.)

8.0 Clothing Designs

  • waiting for reply regarding logo requirements (Nakisa)
  • no new entries

9.0 Microsoft Visual Studio Launch Party

  • prizes and information provided by Microsoft
  • need someone to spearhead this event (James)

10.0 In My Experience

  • tentatively scheduled for Thursday November 3; 12:30-1:30pm
  • one person replied, plus Jake
  • probably have a small one in November
  • have a larger one at the beginning of next term

11.0 Photocopier in Reading Room

  • department should handle this, not us

12.0 Informal Survey

  • ask about courses, how people feel about them, what’s good
  • possibly an online course wiki, allow comments below
  • probably produce something on the website
  • 400 level courses currently undergoing restructuring
  • CPSC 415 needs tutorials