2005-09-22 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Annual General Meeting Minutes September 22, 2005; 12:30pm @ CS Undergraduate Lounge

1.0 Information sessions:

  • Google, September 27
  • IBM, September 28th
  • Accenture September 29th and August 5th

    2.0 Webmasters post something re: year reps

  • Clothing contest

  • no submissions thus far

  • either vote again using button logos, or just use current logo

    3.0 Career Fair

  • EE, CE, and EngPhys working with us, January 26th

    4.0 LAN Party

  • the movie requires a licence; it will become a separate event

  • learning centre is off bounds

  • LAN will be in X-wing lounge (ports active, switch working)

  • Board games as well

  • Concern expressed re: time constraints from undergrad

  • Looking for TVs - talk to SUS, AMS?

  • 6PM - 12AM, the 7th

    5.0 Winner of the Who’s Who contest:

  • Message in window; Taivo Evard and Richard Quan winners

    6.0 Bzzr garden - Friday October, 14th, 4-8 pm

  • located in X-wing lounge and immediately outside.

  • Beer must be drunk inside - BBQ can proceed outside

    7.0 Peer Tutoring

  • webform

  • pairing

  • monthly pizza party for tutors

  • postering, newsgroup, e-mail for information

    8.0 Grad school info. Sessions suggested

  • Grads?, help with applications

    9.0 DNS Hostname

  • suggestion of coming up with a shorter DNS alias for the website

    10.0 Projector

  • talk to department re: either purchasing a used projector from the department or buying through the department

    11.0 October 5th , Sauder school of business. - MM in OR

    12.0 Food Sales

  • Chips, Pop, and water, 50c each for chips and pop, $1 for water