2005-09-14 Meeting Minutes

CSSS Meeting Minutes Wednesday September 14, 2005; 5:00pm @ CSSS Office Roll Call: Andrew R., James, Jake, Peter, Nakisa, Rachel, Mark L., Tristan, Jamie

1.0 Clothing

  • we are good to go!
  • contest needs to be arranged (Nakisa)

2.0 LAN/Movie Party

  • tentatively scheduled for Friday, October 7
  • geared towards laptop users, headphones probably needed
  • location -> Learning Centre? X-wing lounge? Learning Centre preferred
  • sponsors? food? prizes? (Andrew R.)
  • Xbox/PS2 games available to play, give away after to tournament winners?
  • play movies in CSSS office with projector
  • Xbox/PS2/computers in Learning Centre
  • food in X-wing lounge?
  • need 2+ projectors -> movie, console games (James)
  • ask for input regarding games and movies on website

3.0 Bzzr Garden/BBQ

  • tentatively rescheduled for Friday, October 14
  • contact band for rescheduling (Nakisa)
  • find out about tents, fences (James)
  • location -> X-wing student lounge? outside Dempster? (Chris)

4.0 Photocopies

  • we were allocated up to 500 free from the department
  • 120 used thus far

5.0 Newsletter (Mark L.)

  • Jamie volunteered to help
  • “big version” will be on the website, condensed version with link in email
  • longboat/intramurals -> supply $3 subsidising per CS student per CS team
  • SUS may provide additional funding
  • advertise In My Experience, clothing design contest, info sessions, tri-mentoring, AGM, BBQ/Bzzr, LAN Party
  • picture contest -> deadline September 22 at beginning of AGM
  • yearbook -> mention in next newsletter
  • announce year reps

6.0 Annual General Meeting

  • Thursday, September 22; 12:30-1:30pm @ X-wing lounge
  • provide pop and chips
  • announce social events
  • forgo Wednesday meeting

7.0 Food Sale

  • provided as a service to students, not for profit
  • sell pop $0.50, water $0.50, chips TBA
  • see which exec will volunteer to pick up supplies

8.0 Funds

  • received revenue from agendas

9.0 BBQ Post Mortem

  • good turn out, sold all 200 meat burgers

10.0 Company Info Sessions

  • Telus session “rescheduled” due to labour dispute
  • Accenture may be interested in second info session for CS only in October
  • Google set up through CSSS and Grad Society, geared toward CS/Electrical Engineering
  • contact other CS related companies -> EA, etc. (Andrew R.)

11.0 Jake’s Ideas

  • new fourth year rep brought a pile of ideas
  • see if there is any interest in these ideas through CSSS forum

11.1 Resume Critiques

  • allow students to have their resumes critiqued, even if not in co-op
  • Jake will spearhead this

11.2 Old Textbooks

  • donate to CSSS or study centre, possibly for some small reimbursement

11.3 Invitations to Faculty for Social Events

  • good idea, might as well do so or else Steve may get lonely

11.4 New Courses

  • encourage discussion about new course ideas
  • more applied? cryptography?

11.5 CS Boat Racing Team

  • in layman’s terms, speed drinking

11.6 Scavenger Hunts

  • any ideas?
  • must be wary of what might be construed as illegal

11.7 Pub Crawls

  • themed T-shirts?
  • some concern about low turnout

11.8 CS Art

  • a way to dispell myth that CS students are not artistic and creative
  • display case containing art?
  • CS band?
  • talent show?

11.9 University Engineering Competitions

  • encourage students to get involved with pre-established competitions between universities

11.10 Pie Week

  • based on U of T’s annual event -> March 14, 1:59pm, 3:14pm
  • sell pies to people or groups of people who select a CS target
  • target asked if they would take a pie to the face with the current pot
  • if refused for small pot, which is unlikely, encourage additional contributions
  • pot goes to charity or CSSS

11.11 CS High School Shadowing

  • have a high school student shadow a CS student
  • such a program may already be established, contact department and inquire

11.12 CS Endowment Fund

  • encourage students to contribute money to fund future CS related ventures -> new lab equipment, etc.
  • concerns about apathy among students based on last year’s poor performance in Class Act