About Us

We are the UBC Computer Science Student Society (UBC CSSS), a student society to serve all Computer Science students.

How do I join?

You don’t have to! As long as you’re a Computer Science student, you’re a member!

What we can do for you

Expect BBQs (weather permitting), free breakfast, board games nights, the Career Fair, Industry Panels and Info Sessions, volunteer opportunities within the Computer Science Department, organizing the highly anticipated Career Fair, and holding social events such as licensed parties and the year-end boat cruise!

We also distribute various free stuff, including annual dayplanners with monthly view, events/volunteer opportunities available through CSSS and the CS Department, a central map of UBC at the back; glossy CSSS pins; and lanyards, which are a beautiful blue colour and have a lobster clip attached at the end.

So come by and socialize with your CS peers: hang out, eat and be merry! We will organize many events just for CS students. We can also help you connect with the CS Department: we can’t stress how important it is to dip your feet into volunteer opportunities within the CS department. You will really find a home in CS by helping out within the department. Increase your connections by networking with industry members at the career fair. Of course, we also have cheap food (Food Price List). Forget those greedy vending machines. We’re not pirates.

Where is the CSSS lounge?

You can find us in ICICS 021, which is just down the stairs from the front door of ICICS/CS, right, and at the end of the hallway by the undergraduate labs.

How do I find out about CSSS events?

We’ll be posting our events here on our website (which also has an RSS feed), Tweeting them, posting them on our Facebook page, and sending them to our announcements mailing list.

How can I volunteer for CSSS events?

We’re always looking for volunteers to help with our events. Please see our upcoming volunteer opportunities for more information.

How can I be involved in the running of CSSS?

Just ask! We’re always happy to have more volunteers, so if you’re interested, take a look through the positions listed below. Our organization has a three-layer reporting structure: the president, the other core executives, and the committees. The core executives are elected each spring, while the committee members are appointed throughout the year. If you see a position that interests you, or just want to be involved as a volunteer, send us an e-mail to us at csss [at] ubccsss [dot] org.

Our Mission Statement and Constitution

To forge a meaningful relationship between the Computer Science students and the department, to expand students’ networking opportunities and industry contacts, and to construct a supportive and fun environment within the undergraduate community. We carry out our mission by: encouraging students to volunteer in Department related events, organizing the highly anticipated Career Fair, and holding social events.

For more information about the running of the club, please read our constitution.

Thanks all! If you have any questions/concerns, please e-mail us at csss [at] ubccsss [dot] org!